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20 Games for Kids to Play With Their Dogs in the house

20 Games for Kids to Play

20 Games for Kids to Play

It might be difficult to keep kids amused in the fast-paced world of today. Thankfully, you have a playmate right in your house if you have a furry friend! Dogs make wonderful playmates for kids in addition to being devoted friends. Here are 20 indoor games that kids may play with their dogs, whether it’s raining outside or you’re just searching for something to do for entertainment.

1. Cease to exist

Children can alternate between hiding and being sniffed out by the dog. It’s an entertaining game that keeps the youngsters laughing and uses the dog’s sense of smell.

2. Twist-Assisted Fetch

Use tennis balls or plush toys to give it a unique spin. Teach your dog to retrieve a toy and then put it in a certain location.

3. Pull-Assault

A timeless game that strengthens your dog’s muscles and strengthens your relationship with them.

4. Diving Course

Using boxes, hula hoops, and cushions, create a miniature obstacle course. With your youngster, lead your dog through the course.

5. Treasure Seeking

Create a treasure map for your dog and child to follow, and hide treats all over the house.

6. Simon Reports

An adaptation of the popular game for dogs. Use phrases like “Simon says sit” and give your dog treats for complying with your directions.

7. The Dog Maze

In order to test your dog’s problem-solving abilities, use interactive dog puzzles or create your own DIY versions.

8. Dance Gathering

Play loud music and engage your pet in a dance competition. Dogs enjoy moving to the music!

9. Give New Techniques

Teach your child to do fun tricks with your dog, such as rolling over, paw shaking, and pretending dead.

Diy Agility Course No. 10

Make a DIY agility course for your dog to run around that includes weave poles, jumps, and tunnels.

11. Canine Skeeball

Use empty water bottles as pins and a soft ball for your dog to roll to set up an indoor game of bowling.

12. Melody Mats

Use mats to play a dog-friendly variation of musical chairs. Everyone, even the dog, settles down on a mat when the music stops!

13. Costumes for Dogs

Allow your dog and youngster to put on a fashion show with accessories and costumes that are pet-friendly.

14. The Balloon Madness

Balloons are a thing of dog fun. Your dog will go crazy if you blow up some balloons.

15. Playtime with Pillow Fort

Construct a pillow fort and spend some quality time indoors with your dog and youngster.

16. The Snack Time Task

Make your dog a treat-dispensing toy or puzzle, and watch in awe as your child plays with it.

17. Canine Storytelling

As your dog curls up for storytime, read a book to them. Dogs take pleasure in hearing your voice since it is calming.

18. Football Stars

In your living room, set up a miniature soccer pitch where your dog and youngster can score goals together.

19. Barktones with Simon

Put your dog on vocals (barks) and your child on instruments to form a family band. Making music together is a hilarious experience.

20 Games for Kids to Play

20. Treat Your Dog to a Spa Day

Give your dog a spa treatment to cap off the day. Allow your youngster to offer them a soothing massage and a mild bath.

In summary

These indoor games not only keep your kids occupied but also help your youngster and their pet bond even closer. Always put safety first and make sure your dog and child are at ease during every activity.


Are all dog breeds suited for these games?

Different breeds can play these games, but keep in mind your dog’s size and activity level at all times.

Are younger children able to take part in these activities?

Kids of all ages can play most of these games under adult supervision.

But what if my dog doesn’t exercise much?

Select activities that correspond with your dog’s energy level, and remember to give them a treat when they join in.

Is playing with balloons safe when playing with dogs?

Although most dogs like popping balloons, watch out that they don’t swallow any bits, and keep an eye on their playtime.

How can I increase my dog’s level of difficulty in these games?

As your dog gets more accustomed to the games, you can upgrade the difficulty or introduce new ones.

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