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why dogs follow you into the bathroom

dogs follow you into the bathroom

dogs follow you into the bathroom


dogs follow you into the bathroom, Dogs’ long-standing habit of following humans into the loo is only one of the many riddles that has baffled dog owners for decades. Your loyal canine companion is never far from your side, tail wagging and eyes wide with wonder, whether you’re going about your morning ritual or attending to nature’s call. To learn why your dog follows you into the bathroom, we’ll dig into the intriguing world of canine behaviour.

Natural Collaborative Behaviour

  • Canines as Social Units

Evolutionary ties to wolves are important to understanding dog behaviour. Wolves are essentially domesticated group animals. They do best in communities where everyone has a specific job to do. A dog’s instinct to be a part of a pack runs deep in its genetic code.

  • Bonding in the Bathroom

Your dog’s behaviour dogs follow you into the bathroom is an expression of his or her pack instincts. Because you are the pack leader in their perspective, they feel an overwhelming urge to remain in close proximity to you at all times.

Intrigue and the Odour Pathway

  • The Odor-Connection

Dogs rely heavily on their sense of smell to take in their environment. They have highly developed senses of smell and can pick up on the tiniest odours. Your dog can learn a lot about you just by following the scent trail you leave behind after you use the restroom.

  • Intrigue Created

Your dog might start to wonder what you’re up to as you shut the restroom door behind you. Their eagerness to figure out what you’re up to and protect you compels them to follow the scent trail instinctively.

  • Anxiety When Separated — FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

Dogs are well-loved for their companionship and loyalty, which can lead to separation anxiety. They feel more alone and alone in the bathroom than in any other place in the house.

  • The Lavatory Is A Secure Area

As a result of their close relationship with you, many dogs view the restroom as a sanctuary. They’re looking for safety and security, and they know you won’t abandon them, so they’re coming in.

  • Enhancing Social Connections

Building a deep friendship with your dog requires consistent, high-quality interaction. One of the rare times you and your dog will be alone is in the bathroom, so it’s a great chance for your dog to bond with you.

  • Human Experience

To a dog, a home isn’t complete without a buddy. They consider going into the toilet with you as an opportunity to spend time with you, even if what you’re doing inside is beyond their comprehension.

Subtle Verbal and Nonverbal Cues

  • Communicating Without Words

Dogs rely heavily on body language while expressing themselves. If they follow you into the loo, it’s because they want to be with you and are also trying to communicate with you nonverbally.

dogs follow you into the bathroom
  • Knowing the Signs

Your dog reads your expressions, vocal tone, and body language. They can gauge your mood and sense of well-being by seeing you in the restroom.

  • Natural Propensities: Intrinsic Curiosity

Dogs naturally exhibit a high level of curiosity. They are naturally curious beings, and the unfamiliar surroundings of the restroom pique their interest. Johnny

  • Protecting Your Gut Instincts

Wolves and dogs both prefer solitude for personal grooming and elimination when living in the wild. Perhaps your dog’s presence in the bathroom is motivated by a desire to guard you in your most vulnerable moments.


In conclusion, dogs’ pack mentality, curiosity, separation anxiety, desire for social interaction, non-verbal communication, and natural instincts all play a role in explaining why they accompany you into the restroom. Your animal friend’s willingness to join you in these private moments is a reflection of the deep trust and loyalty they feel for you in your role as pack leader.

My dog follows me into the restroom; is this normal behaviour?

It’s very normal, of course. Due to their pack instincts and desire for connection, dogs will often follow their humans into the lavatory.

Can I get my dog to stop following me into the loo if I taught him not to?

You can train your dog to wait outside the toilet, but you should do so in a way that doesn’t stress him out.

When I’m in the loo, why is my dog staring at me?

When you go to the toilet, your dog may stare at you to make sure you’re still there.

Is it a sign that my dog has separation anxiety if it follows me into the bathroom?

Excessive following may be an indication of separation anxiety; nonetheless, a professional should be consulted for a definitive diagnosis and recommendations.

Can I use this to improve my relationship with my dog?

Absolutely! You and your dogs follow you into the bathroom might form a closer bond and establish more trust by sharing restroom time.

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